Saturday, December 12, 2009

Opera Something or Other

I haven't posted until now because I spent all week being apathetic and stumped by my utter lack of clever takes on this week's topic. You see, the sum total of my knowledge of Opera can be summed up by Chuck Jones' "What's Opera Doc?" So what you'll find here is a rushed (it took about an hour) and ill-considered color study of a theater's exterior. You'd think that having gone to Art Center's grad show last night would have inspired me to excel and really dig deep to push myself. Well maybe you don't know me so well after all.


  1. This is really cool. What's up Doc is a completely legitimate way to learn about opera.
    Didn't know you were going to the show, too bad we didn't run into one another.

  2. That was no mistake. I've been avoiding you.

  3. As it turns out, talking to you here isn't helping my attempts at pretending you don't exist.