Friday, January 22, 2010

catchin up

Face Off is the best movie to study facial expressions........nicholas cage goes through 30 of them in 5 seconds.
Flight Time Machine!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Topic!?

Hey erryone!

I think we need a new topic.

Since It seems like everyone's busy, how about this, Let's make the new topic on Thursday of this week, and we wont submit until the monday after this upcoming monday (February 1st!). It will be like we're seeing into the future to get a head start on mondays topic. Whatchasay? Who'se gonna volunteer for this next topic?

So far I've restrained, because I think it can be discouraging, but I think at this point, It's more than ok to start heckling Eunice about her lack of posting.

Get 'er done

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Retro Movie Poster

Alright, this took forever!
(I hope Shaun Collings doesn't see my halfassed typographic bastardizations.)

Flight is in transit. I'll show you guys once it arrives :)

Monday, January 11, 2010


A tribute to my anime upbringing... cool planes that go up into space exploring an asteroid orbiting a planet in a far off galaxy. This should be fun, hopefully I can get this done... and maybe catch up on the rest.

Flight Work In Progress

I want to finish this one, but I figured I'd post my progress for comments. It's inspired by my tattoo, which I'll post when I put up my final for this one. I was raised Catholic and have always been fascinated by Christian iconography (despite having since left my faith behind). Saint Luke is the patron saint of painters, and in illuminated manuscripts he's represented by a winged ox. I love the image of such a lumbering, ordinary creature with these angelic wings. So anyway, I'm struggling with how tightly I want to render the ox because I'm liking the simplicity of the background. It's taking on a slight art nouveau feeling that I may play with. Thoughts?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Topic #6: Flight

Hey, so here's a very broad topic:


I wished I could do it since I was six years old. Airplanes are scary the first time you fly, and probably boring and annoying the most recent time that you've flown. Birds bones are filled with air. Hang gliders are probably the coolest thing since sliced bread.


PS. I replaced my topic from yesterday because I thought it was LAME.

Retro Movie Poster

Don't try to read the titles/copy yet!

I've spent 4.5 hours on this so far.
Another 2-4 and it'll be done.

Eunice, you picked a hard one, and I hate you for it.