Friday, December 11, 2009

Catching Up

Hey everyone! Sorry about the late post/s, I've been trying to catch up. I'll be more timely from here on, I promise!
#3, Opera. Somebody had to do it.

#2, Heist. This was a toughie. Hmmm.. I think my genius plan would be to steal a Sargent, and tell people it's a print (yea like that would ever work).
#1, Auto-Portrait. T-Bot. Yep. I drink too much tea, so i'd def be a tea bot. Why are my eyes glowing? Uhmm... Yea, don't ask.


  1. Hahaha! Someone had to do it, but it's amusing none the less! I love the skinny dudes face. Classic! I'd totally lift a sargent if i had a chance, I heard that if you peel back the layers of his thickly applied paint, you can discover all of his secrets, and gold. Mad wild loony props for catching up all at once. I think your eyes are glowing because you ate too many teas.

  2. I mean, because you drank too much tea. Fuuuuhhhhhh...

  3. I freaking love these Tuna... I'm glad you got to catch up, you're even a little ahead now cause your opera is done. But your Opera is hysterical! keep them coming =)

  4. lovely work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice to meet u tuna!! :)

  5. Great lighting in the opera one. Nicely done. I was just about to start giving you a hard time about not posting.

  6. Thanks Mike! But how do you know I DON'T eat tea? Hmmm? Hm?
    If I actually stole a Sargent, I think I'd be too busy staring at it until I die to peel any paint at all.

    Thanks Henry!! I'm glad you liked them :D

    It's nice to meet you too, Eunice! I think we have a lot of friends in common, I keep running into your name everywhere ;)

    Thanks Max. I totally deserved the hard time you almost gave me!