Monday, November 30, 2009

Egg Heist WIP

Work in progress of my twist on the heist. I told Carte Blanche earlier today I'd be going a little simpler on this one. This is me not listening to me. Either way I'm having fun with it.

Catfood Caper

Today's work in progress: cats are cool =) but i have to include my old pal Odie in this one somehow.


Design Your Own Hiest. It could be a character or an entire scene. The character could be stealing hamburgers like the hamburglur or a large diamond  like high tech jewl thief. Its really open ended so have fun with the topic.

a little crop action

still fussing over it

I'm going to sleep!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

No tagsies backsies

TAG you're it, Carte Blanche. Since I came up with our inaugural topic, I hereby pass the staggering responsibility to you for this coming week's assignment. So start thinking of something good. I figure we'll cycle through each member each week. So you're up. Bring it.

MaxBot XL200

Here we go. My first real contribution to the blog (excluding, of course, the generous gift of my presence). The self-portrait aspects of the design aren't anything shockingly profound ("my soul is cold like titanium," etc.), but I feel like I included enough so that the privileged few who I've allowed to get to know me might recognize and smirk cynically at my attempts at self-referential asshattery. I'll let you guys guess at what certain choices might mean about me because I just burned most of my word budget on unnecessarily wordy snark. Enjoy. Or don't.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009