Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Topic: Scene from a Movie

I saw this movie last year "Auntie Mame", I fell in love with the character and was pleasantly suprised how the story held up. SO I guess if people wanna put something up. The new theme will be scenes in a movie. This was the scene when Auntie Mame first meets her nephew and greets him and his nurse maid into her eccentric lifestyle. The lady changes her decor every month and throws a party every week. Then the great depression hits. I might even do a series showing the transitions she goes threw.


  1. I'm gonna take this one to the next level... as in, all the way to the top... of a building... muahaha

  2. RAD! I like how you're getting more painterly as well.
    Mike and I were just saying we should do a new theme, you beat us to it!

  3. hahah yeah there was some time at work so I just started doing something. Thanks for the comments guys and the positive energy. I can't wait to see everyone's scene.