Monday, January 11, 2010

Flight Work In Progress

I want to finish this one, but I figured I'd post my progress for comments. It's inspired by my tattoo, which I'll post when I put up my final for this one. I was raised Catholic and have always been fascinated by Christian iconography (despite having since left my faith behind). Saint Luke is the patron saint of painters, and in illuminated manuscripts he's represented by a winged ox. I love the image of such a lumbering, ordinary creature with these angelic wings. So anyway, I'm struggling with how tightly I want to render the ox because I'm liking the simplicity of the background. It's taking on a slight art nouveau feeling that I may play with. Thoughts?


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  2. I wasn't expecting an ox at all, which is why I think this is very cool :D
    Art Nouveau? Do eeet~!

  3. Wow! cool. I love the thought put into this, with painting the patron saint of painters and all. I think it's tight like this!